Friday, January 29, 2010

Love Year 'Round

Valentine's Day is coming soon. Personally, my husband and I do wonderful things for each other year 'round, so we don't really celebrate Valentine's Day per se, but it is still nice to take the time and reflect on my relationship with him.

The pictures in this post pretty much tell it all. We met at a WWII reenactment and it sounds like a story from the movies: we saw each other during the day and were too shy to talk. At the dance that same night, our friends intervened and got us to talk to each other, which we did for at least an hour straight until the end of the dance (it's hard to tell how long it was because I was in another world!).

1 year later we got engaged at the same WWII dance event and 8 months after that we were married!

My husband is my best friend and partner in crime. We tell each other we love each other many times every day and I ALWAYS look forward to seeing him.

Sure, we've only been married a short time and I know that the only thing that is constant in a marriage is change, but we are so grateful to have found each other in this big ole world that somehow, I think we'll be allright...


Ms. B said...

Aww such a cute story, and such a cute couple as well!!

The Country Club Kat said...

Steph . . . you two were meant for each other, my goodness you look like you are related! I am getting cramps in my cheeks from smiling with you.

CinnamonAndSass said...

I love your story! About to tear up like a big baby :)

Alyssa said...

I'm pretty sure this is the cutest in-real-life love story I've read yet!

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