Friday, January 8, 2010

What's On Sale- Vintage Shelf Paper & Edging

(pic from the posy blog)

My husband and I recently moved into a duplex built in 1884 and I became obsessed with trying to recreate the historical feel of the apartment. Of course, there is only so much one can do if you don't own, but there are some temporary things that don't take too much time or money. One of those things is shelf paper and shelf edging. This is especially cool for us because we have a big pantry with lots of shelves. Shelf paper is very similar to contact paper available now, but it sometimes came with a built in edge to hang over the front of the shelf, which is the look I love. You can also find the edging itself. Retrorenovation blog has a nice post that gives an overview of edging, including some sources.

I have found a few gems on etsy:

15 feet

Also available in yellow/grey

(If you have a lot of shelves and need more, you can get 3 more packages at $9 at marvamost)

15 feet

15 feet


harlow ~ monroe vintage boutique said...

Great post! This really is a fabulous idea for renters, to add their own little personal (non-permanent) touch. Thanks so much for including us!

cori said...

wow, your apartment sounds amazing. thanks so much for the great post!

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