Monday, January 11, 2010

Pattern Storage

I am in the process of setting up my sewing room at my new apartment. I have A LOT of patterns, like 300 or so, and many of them are vintage so I needed to devise a way to store and organize that wouldn't put too much stress on the patterns or my pocketbook.

After a few false starts, I finally figured out that I can fit 30-45 patterns, including the larger vintage Vogue patterns, in the large Sterlite Show-off bins. These bins are made for hanging file folders, but they are 10" wide and 15.5" tall so they work great! I got mine at Target for $4.99 each. I am sure there are other brands that will work just as well, you just have to be sure they are at least 8" wide for the larger pattern envelopes.

Want to shop online for these? Amazon has them
for slightly more, but no driving...


Maria Stahl said...

That's a good plan. Do you put the patterns inside anything before putting them in the bins? I'm concerned about nonarchival storage materials for mine. I ended up buying a bunch of comic book board-and-bags and putting mine in that. The envelope goes on one side of the board, the instructions and tissues go behind the board.

Then they're all in a big old enamel refrigerator drawer. Turquoise. Couldn't resist the color. :o)

Tart Deco said...

Maria- I put them inside plastic baggies with the tops cut off (so they don't catch on the envelopes). If the pattern is particularly fragile I will but a piece of cardboard in the baggie and use a larger baggie that will fold over on the top.

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