Friday, January 8, 2010

Sewing Tips- Resizing Patterns

It is pretty rare that I don't have to resize a pattern, modern or vintage. I also don't like to cut my patterns. So I kill 2 birds with 1 stone and trace my pattern on tracing or parchment paper with pencil. That allows me to make any changes I need, including adjustments after I make a mock-up (which I always do with a pattern I haven't used or if I have changed weight). I usually get my paper in large tablets at an office supply store, which costs around $15-20. However, I have found a roll of tracing paper (2 ft by 12.5 ft) for only $12.96 (free shipping) on Cost Central.

Some people also swear by using Swedish Tracing Paper which you are supposed to be able to sew through. I have never used it myself, but it basically looks like a slightly thicker version of the parchment paper. I found a 29 in. by 30 ft roll at CreateForLess for $15.64 (includes shipping).

Finally, you can buy a roll of pattern tracing paper (as shown in the picture) that is 21 in. by 77yds at Clotilde for $12.98 (includes shipping).

Happy patterning!

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GreenTrunkDesigns said...

I hate cutting into patterns too. Thanks for the tip

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