Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Viva Las Vegas Series

It's a new year and I hope you all had a great 2010! Moving forward into 2011 I have so many new and exciting things coming my way. So much so that I am worried that I will let this blog slide down my list of things to do. To combat this I have decided to start a Viva Las Vegas series. These posts will be everything a rockabilly needs to get ready for the big weekend.

pic from andihazelwood.com
If you aren't familiar with Viva Las Vegas Weekender it is an amazing event in Las Vegas one weekend a year where thousands of lucky people get to hear amazing rockabilly music, buy cool items from vendors and see souped up cars. There is also a hot fashion show and burlesque contest and show. I haven't been able to afford to go yet but I have friends that do and the pics and stories fill me with total envy. Once I am finished with school I am SO there in 2012.

For those of you lucky enough to be able to go I get to live vicariously through you by posting my series. Feel free to share my posts (with credit please) and make sure to send me links to any of your own blog posts from the event, especially if you use any of my tips ;)

At the end of the series sometime in March I will be having a big VLV giveaway if I can hit 350 followers. The giveaway will include items from my posts, including hair curlers, accessories, music and more! Tell your friends!

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The Vintage Housewife... said...

ooooooooh viva! What a wonderful idea...i have gone the last 6 years and it is sooooo rocken' the fashion kitten is 2 die for...i cant wait to read all your posts...Cat

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