Thursday, April 15, 2010

Vintage Millinery/Flower Swap?

I've had a few people comment and ask me about the basket swaps I posted about recently. Just curious- how many of you would be interested in participating in a vintage millinery/flower swap if I hosted it? If you are like me, I tend to buy my millinery in bulk or take them off of damaged hats, so I have a lot in the same colors or styles. I thought it might be neat to mix it up and swap with others to refresh my stash and help others to refresh theirs. We could even open it up to include vintage sewing trims (like ribbon).

Leave a comment if you are interested and if you'd like to include vintage trims or just do vintage millinery/flowers. The swap would start once I can get enough people (at least 3-4).


Ellen Christine Millinery said...

Yes! I have a vast colllection of vintage everything, and I'd love to swap out some of it. Please keep in touch.

Sarah said...

Count me in!! Email me when the deets when it comes available.

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