Thursday, April 1, 2010


No, not the singer, the color! Pink is one of those colors that I am surprised at loving so much in my adulthood. Even though my wedding colors were white and red, I still had a pink bouquet (pic on the left). It's not even what it represents, I just love the color itself; all shades of it. Funny enough, pinke originally referred to a yellow tint. Eventually, the color pink as we know it was considered a masculine color, and blue feminine, until the 1940s when it was reversed.

I love how pink can be calming and tranquil...

   (pic from 

and then fierce and daring!

(pic from

What color do you find yourself secretly loving and why?


Louise said...

Can I just say that your bouquet was stunning.
And I LOVE pink too. Yellow is a close runner-up.

Shrinky Inky said...

i love green. i can't really wear it near my face but i love it as skirts and accent color - i adore seeing green on people, all shades. and secretly I also love pink :) and purple. But my sun rises and sets in red and black.

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