Friday, April 2, 2010

Etsy Favorite- Flapperdashery

While I am on the subject of favorites, I have a favorite shop on etsy that I think carries some of the cutest stuff out there- Flapperdashery. I found this shop while searching for a mannequin head to display my hair accessories and fell IN LOVE with her painted flapper mannequins.

She also creates her own deco hats, like the cutie to the left. She crochets them and I drool in envy at how even her stitches are! (My own crochet attempts slowly get smaller as I go- DOH!). Guess what? She has some hats on sale right now...

Finally, she has a few choice vintage items to round out her shop. My favorite right now is this Vintage Debutante Kit for $22. LOVE the poodle and  charm encyclopedia (signed by the author no less).

Isn't this shop adorable? I think so. I am saving up for a flapper bust right now!


flapperdashery said...

This is a wonderful blog Steph !! Thank you so much for showing my shop and silly flappery. I am the biggest flapper freak of them all! Who can resist a flapper ? I am so happy to hear you are addicted too ! Here is a wonderful blog review of my very favorite flapper book of all time ! It is a MUST HAVE for any flapper fan.

The author is very nice and you can follow him on, facebook,twitter and myspace.

flapperdashery said...

The book mentioned above in my previous comment is, Jazz Age Beauties by: Robert Hudovernik. This link should work to see blog book review.

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