Monday, February 8, 2010

What's On Sale- My Vintage Collection

Every once in a while my house starts to look like my parent's house growing up. I actually thought to myself today- "I should save this box from the 70s because someone might want it. It might be worth something." Scary!

When I feel like this I start purging. This is where it gets fun for you!

I am going to start adding things to my Tart Deco etsy store for sale soon. However, I will be posting the items on this blog 3 days before at a special price just for you! If you want it you just have to contact me and I will list it on etsy as a reserve for you. You will have 3 days to purchase your reserve or it gets relisted at a higher price and the special price goes bye-bye.

What will I be listing? EVERYTHING! And most of it will be vintage or recycled vintage: Aprons, hankies, hats, shoes, dresses, jewelry, sewing supplies, etc. My husband will also be going through his stash of vintage and repro military items and collectibles.

(pic of me and my husband selling at a fair when I last felt like purging. This time there is MUCH more)


Anonymous said...

Yay I look forward to seeing what you've got!

jamie said...


The Glitzkrieg said...

I met you at that fair! I bought an Argus camera from you and it is DIVINE!!!

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