Friday, February 5, 2010

50s Vintage Perfection

You know how sometimes you come across a vintage dress that makes you want it, even though it would never fit you in a million years and you can't afford it, so you just keep a copy of the picture and use it as your desktop background for a while, letting a little sob out every once in a while because it is so beautiful?

Naw. Me neither.

But if I did, this dress would be one of those dresses:

Available in the TimelessVixenVintage store on etsy for $375. Every inch of that dress is worth it as it is in gorgeous shape, but unfortunately I have new tires to buy. Plus with a 34" bust, I could only dream of fitting into this lovely.

Hey, you're getting drool on your keyboard... oh, wait- that's me!


Faith said...

Absolutely stunning.

Ms. B said...

They always have the most gorgeous dresses in perfect condition!!

shellbell said...

sigh... i know that feeling so well. the practical side of me won't let me buy something i can't wear, but the dreamy side of me just wants to "have" it, LOL.

i like your blog whole bunches :)

CinnamonAndSass said...

Oh my, that is lovely!

Nick said...

UGH that's fantastic!!

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