Sunday, February 21, 2010

Curling Your Hair with Paper

I'm not sure why I never ran across this before, but I have just been turned on to how to curl your hair with paper. According to various sources, you can reuse the paper too. How green! I found some instructions on how to use paper bags, which seem to be thick enough to handle multiple uses, so visit the links below for more info.

The Lost Art of the Paper Curl- Mother Earth News

Old-Fashioned Hair Styling: The Paper Curl- Associated Content

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Mimi Stratton said...

You get an A for effort but this seems way too difficult to me (of course, I'm all thumbs). Velcro curlers are easy, grip your hair, and they're plenty green as well--reusable, hello!

Tart Deco said...

True, true. I just never found velcro rollers to be very easy to sleep on (I mostly do wet sets overnight). Plus my hair is baby fine so the velcro just knots it up. I usually use the fabric covered foam rollers with wire in them, however I am game to try paper rollers since it seems like they might be even easier to sleep on since they are pretty much flat. We'll see...

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