Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Re-imagining Your Wardrobe

pic from paulashouseoftoast.blogspot
Super Kawaii Mama has issued a very unique wardrobe challenge. In her own words, she challenges us to "take four images that come from the dreamscapes of your mind and use these as an inspiration point to create a new Daily Outfit." The best part of the challenge is to use items you already own, which I think is a brilliant way to breathe life into your wardrobe. Want to join the challenge? Visit her blog post, read the rules and see her image picks. The 5 best submissions will win a gift pack!

So which pictures will inspire you? I have chosen the one above already and I am picking out 3 more. Decisions, decisions...

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Brittany_Va-Voom Vintage said...

I'm doing this! What a fantastic idea!! :)

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