Monday, September 20, 2010

Personal Style Alphabet

Piet Paris Fashion Alphabet via iloveillustration

VaVoom Vintage just posted her personal style alphabet and I was so inspired I decided to try my own. Anyone else want to try? Make sure and comment with a link so I can see it!

A is for Art Deco, one of my fav styles
B is for Bootless Betties, my 1920s-40s vocal trio where I wear repro dresses that I sew
C is for circle skirt, the bigger the better
D is for dropped waist, something I wish I could wear
E is for Emma, the Kate Beckinsale movie that I watch when I sew
F is for fragile, which is how lingerie should look (but not actually be)
G is for Gabardine, one of the best fabrics to make repro clothing
H is for hair flowers, which I make and wear everyday
I is for inspire, which is what most things do to me
J is for jabot, loved it on 18th c. fops and 80s Adam Ant and wish it would come back
K is for Keds, a comfy shoe for casual vintage looks
L is for Louise Brooks, the epitome of flapper fabulousness
M is for Marie Antoinette, one of my fashion muses
N is for New Look, the amazing style that bridged WWII and the 50s
O is for opulence, for a gal can never have too many frills and bling
P is for parure, I have quite a few vintage jewelry sets
Q is for quirky, something that my taste tends to be
R is for rockabilly, the fashion and the music
S is for striped socks, I have about 15 pairs
T is for tulle, I am a total petticoat whore :)
U is for undergarments, the most important part of good fashion
V is for vinyl records that I listen to when I sew
W is for wing tip, one of my favorite vintage shoe styles for men and women
X is for XL (sorry had to steal this one from VaVoom Vintage cause it's too perfect)
Y is for yellow, specifically lemon yellow, specifically pale lemon yellow- swoon!
Z is for zigzag, the best sewing stitch ever

1 comment:

Brittany_Va-Voom Vintage said...

love it!! Zig zag is a good one! I had such a hard time coming up with a "z" Excellent choices, very original!!

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