Sunday, September 12, 2010

My Newest Swaps

I just finished up the Hot Mama Alice in Wonderland Apron swap. It was a ton of fun and a great theme. It is also most likely my last apron swap in a while as my graduate thesis is coming up soon and I won't have the extra time. My original plan was to restore a 1930s apron I found in my attic when I moved in, but that didn't quite happen. I was able to make a last minute alternate though, using a vintage pattern and wedding apron.

I'm still pretty addicted to supply swaps though and they are much more realistic for me since they don't take much time and it is a pretty good way to refresh my stash. I am currently in a fun Black & White Halloween Petite Box swap hosted by the Speckled Egg blog. I just got my partners and I am too excited to sit because they both have great taste.

I also just joined a swap with an interesting theme through the Our Life:Narrated by Lacey blog. It is called Help Me with My Collection mail swap and basically you are paired up with others who will send you items to add to a collection of items you have based on a one word suggestion from you. It was insanely difficult to choose which collection to add to and then even harder to pick one word that really describes it. I ended up choosing "millinery." I was worried that it may be too obscure for anyone who doesn't deal with it, but if I put "hats" then it would have been way off and "flowers" probably would have gotten me a few bunches from Joann's, which I have way too much of. Was there any other word I could have used? I was almost going to try and cheat and use a hyphen (vintage-flowers) but I decided to play fair ;) I'll let you know what I end up with in a few weeks.

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LookAround said...

I love the cup cake cards!!! Toooo Cute!!!

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