Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Viva Las Vegas Series #15- Train Cases

If you gals are like me, and you might be if you like to read my blog, then you have a large amount of make-up. I just never know what kind of mood I will be in and what colors I will need. Plus, some days I need a little extra oomph and add a touch of sparkle to my eyes. So basically what I'm saying is- I have a LOT of make-up and need a stylish place to put it. I was lucky enough to find a 1950s Samsonite Ultralite train case with tray and key for about $35 and I would gladly kill for it if anyone tried to take it from me. I am able to fit all of my make-up in it, plus a small bag of jewelry and some hair styling products. It is probably my most essential item in living a vintage lifestyle because it means I can be mobile at the drop of a hat.

If you don't have a train case, I would seriously suggest getting one. To make it easy on you I found a few on etsy that looked like they were in decent shape and most of them come with a tray. Some people don't care and like the extra room without it, but I find it a must. Below is a snapshot of the etsy treasury I put together for you. As an added plus, there are 2 of the exact same case I have in the listing. FYI, decent train cases don't usually stick around, especially with a tray, so if you find one you like don't wait too long to get it!

Train Case Treasury


Straight Talking Mama! said...

When I first went to VLV I used to take my Vintage train case but since restrictions on international flights are so tight now, no more, it's sit's in my bedroom looking pretty, but damn it is pretty!

I'm not going to VLV, haven't been for 4 years now, I miss it!

Emily said...

I love train cases!! Can you get replacement trays or buy the trays separate? None of mine have them and now I want one?

Tart Deco™ said...

Emily- I have actually seen the tray being sold as a replacement on etsy, but it doesn't happen very often, unfortunately.

I would suggest setting up an ebay search to email you when one becomes available. You can do that by doing an initial search then clicking the link save search. It will prompt you to set it up, but you have to have an ebay account to have it sent to your personal email I believe.

sweetheartville said...

I have a few train cases, and besides being useful for toting around makeup and beauty products, they are also great for corralling craft supplies!

Kam said...

You are so right about the good cases going quickly. I've been looking for one in great condition for a months and I just scored my first one from etsy ( I'm pretty sure, it's the 2nd one in your collage!)

It's a 1950's Starline style (Baltimore Luggage Co.) train case, very gently used, with a tray and key. I bought it within hours of it being posted. Aside from it being super practical and cute, I love that I'm from Maryland and this was manufactured just minutes from my home!

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