Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Rockabilly DIY from Design Sponge

I just discovered a new website with tons of fun and easy tutorials on how to spruce up your home called Design Sponge. There are a bunch, but I went through and picked the ones that were the most rockabilly:

Vintage brooch knobs (shown above)
Kitchen glass canister makeover
Kitchen metal canister makeover

Vintage Hankie boudoir pillow (shown left)

Light switch cover
Fabric covered hangers
Decorative shelf edging

Bookstrap side table (shown right)


Love Of The Hunt said...

Great ideas but I am missing the "rockabilly" tie in.

Tart Deco™ said...

Love of the Hunt- my idea of rockabilly is finding ways to rediscover vintage from a certain time period and put it back into our lives. Many of the ideas I saw here made me think of the mend and make do movement that is coming back, as well as generally rocking a vintage look.

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