Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Perfecting Your 40s Look

I really could spend all day reading the blogs I subscribe to (and have occasionally). If you haven't checked out my new Vintage Blog List page, grab a cup of apple cider and a scone, throw on your comfiest afghan and visit for a few hours. You will thank me, even if your loved ones end up cursing my name from all the extra time you will spend ;)

Getting back to the reason for this post- 1940s fashion! There are 2 posts right now that I am loving on how to nail a vintage look and I thought you should read them, if you haven't already. The lovely Solanah from Vixen Vintage did a guest post on Lingerie Addict on how to buy vintage lingerie for the perfect look.

pic from Glamour Daze via Life
Once you have the foundations in place, you can move on to creating the perfect 40s look by reading this post on 1940s fashion on the Glamour Daze blog. The pictures in this post are incredibly helpful. Make sure to visit the other links provided in the article to view more posts in a series on 1940s fashion.

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