Monday, October 18, 2010

I Own That?!? Seasonal Clothing

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Continuing with my closet obsession, I have recently discovered the joys of rotating one's wardrobe for the season. I don't really know why I haven't done this before- most likely because when I was younger I didn't have enough clothes to rotate and once I did I was paranoid that I would store something I would end up needing and then have to wade through my storage space to find it.

No longer am I a slave to my unfounded fears because I have jumped into the cravice of clothing storage and I like it! No pumas! (If you get that reference you get cool points)

The beauty of going through the process of choosing clothes to store is that you almost always will find something you forgot you had. I totally found a cute shirt I don't remember buying at all! Plus, I always tend to keep wearing the same things because they are returned to the forefront of my closet and are easier to grab again. I came up with all kinds of fun outfit ideas as I went through everything, as well as started a mental list of what would be needed to complete some more outfits.

BUT before you start tossing your clothes into a box with visions of closet space dancing in your head, be sure to follow a few steps so you aren't surprised by a stinky (or mothy) box full of stuff when you unpack again at the next seasonal switch:
  1. Make sure everything is clean. Even if you only wore it once you should wash it again. Have you ever seen a vintage garment that is in almost perfect condition except shredded armpits? That's from your body, dearie, and it will erode away at your dainties and attract bugs. Even if you can't see it, it's there- trust me.
  2. Pick the right storage box. Cardboard may be cheap but it won't protect your cherished pretties. I decided to go with a plastic bin with a lid that attached firmly and tightly. I used masking tape and a sharpie to mark it as seasonal clothes (so I can find it and not weird out- see above)
  3. To help keep bugs from feasting on your wardrobe delights stay away from icky toxic moth balls and go natural. Use herbs known for repelling pests, like rosemary, cloves, and mint. I got some dried herbs from a natural food store (they can be used to brew tea too) and put a mixture of about 1/2 cup in a ribbon sachet I made. Another option is to use nylon leg and tie it at the top, then put that inside a circle of light cotton material and close up with a pretty ribbon. Place it at the top of the bin so the smell is strongest where the bugs could get in. If you want to get really fancy you can wrap your clothes in acid free tissue paper.
  4. Try to store the bin in a place that is well-ventilated so must or mold doesn't form and dark so ultra-violet light doesn't get through. [I found this out through research kids, I have no idea about how ultra-violet light travels or attacks your clothes invisibly. Too high-tech for me!]
  5. For good measure, use this semi-annual culling as an excuse to go through your stuff for donations. I found at least 3-4 things that I was able to part with this time around, plus a couple more that I kept but mentally tagged for future consideration.
So there you are! Go commune with your closet and enjoy the extra 3-5 inches on your clothing rod. That's room for at least one more crinoline!

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