Tuesday, May 18, 2010

So Much Excitement!

Hello Cats and Kittens! I am feverishly studying for one more exam tomorrow then I am done with the semester! WOOHOO! I know, I know... why should you care? Well, for one- you like me :) For two, that means new vintage blog specials, new creations for my shop and- here's the biggie- a giveaway! I will post more in a few days after my exam and a date with a celebratory bottle of Shiraz! YUM!


Stefanie Valentine said...

Good luck for your exam!

AnticaTreasures said...

Hi! So happy to meet you! Good luck with the exam! Can't wait to hear about the giveaway!



Leslie, the Home Maker said...

Hi Steph!
My feet are too big, but I could so swing dance in these-- my hubby and I go swing dancing most Tuesdays.
Maybe I could cut my toes off?
My daughter, Sarah, loves all things from the 40's/50's/60's--kitchy stuff- turquoise and orange, shirt dresses, any vintage aprons (I guess I taught her well) I am going to show her your blog, too!
Wanted you to know that I got your entries for the birdcage!
Nice to have a new friend in you!
My sister's name is Steph, too!! :)
Where do you live and sing?
We love hot jazz and smooth jazz ;)

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