Thursday, March 25, 2010

Blog Specials #4 (closed)

 This batch is closed. Anything that wasn't SOLD is available in my etsy store, Tart Deco.

Here is set number four of items at a special blog price to my readers. These blog prices are 40-60% less than what they will be listed as on etsy later. Remember the rules I posted earlier, you have 3 days from posting to contact me to reserve the items at the blog price. After that they get added to my etsy shop at a higher, permanent price. As always, click on the pictures for a larger, more detailed view.

Vintage Black Luxite Nylon Slip
Size 34

Very good condition, ready to wear! The sheer trim at the hem would look great peaking out from under a skirt...

Blog price- $7, plus shipping


Vintage Pink Vanity Fair Slip
Size 40
Great shape. Double layer at the neckline makes this slip a great choice to wear under sheer sweaters or jackets.

Blog price- $7, plus shipping

60/70s Pendleton Pleated Wool Skirt
31" waist

Excellent condition. The high-waist compliments the mid-calf length. Plaid near hem and inside of pleats. Plastic side zipper, works great. No pulls, but there is a small hole on the waistband that could easily be sewn closed.

Blog price- $18, plus shipping

Tart Deco Pink Peacock Hair Flower and Feather Fascinator

6" pink flower with peacock feathers and wisps. Get someone's attention at Viva Las Vegas with this one for sure!

Blog price- $14, plus shipping

The #4 blog specials both end Sunday, March 28th at midnight, central time.

For blog specials, contact me to claim any. First come, first serve and you may claim as many as you'd like (I will combine shipping for multiple items). Just remember that you have to pay within 3 days of your reserve listing or you lose the blog price, as per my posted instructions.

Good luck and thanks for reading!

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