Sunday, December 27, 2009

Pink Bathrooms

Close friends of mine recently bought a 50s bungalow from a relative and they asked me if I knew how to clean the pink swirl tile in the bathroom without stripping the swirl. Well, of course, I start researching 50s bathrooms (which is something I hope to own some day soon) and I come across the awesome blog Retro Renovation. On this blog people post about various aspects of restoring and upkeep of vintage homes, with a whole lot of 50s goodness. Need to know how to find vintage or repro supplies? Chances are you'll find it on this site.

Not only is the blog wonderful, but they started the web site Save the Pink Bathrooms, which is all about...well... pink bathrooms! I drool everytime I look around on the site and I am hoping to get my friends to showcase their bathroom which has this cool wavy glass half-partition between the tub and toilet area.

(picture above from Save the Pink Bathrooms flickr pool)


Little Rascal said...

My dream is a pink bathroom.
Pink sink, tub and toilet and black tiles on the walls.
My man also want a pink bathroom but won't get one for this house.
Like we ever gonna move. *sigh*
Men. :))

Joanne said...

:| thats my bathroom!!!!

no , really, in the unit i own, EXACTLY the same!

thats freaky lol

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