Friday, December 11, 2009

50s Bombshell Face

Want to learn how to apply make-up like Marilyn Monroe? Daniela Turudich gives some tips in her Vintage Face book (which is unfortunately out-of-print).  I was lucky enough to find a copy and have included the scan for Marilyn below, plus how to apply 50s eye makeup. Click on the thumbnails for larger views.

If you run across a copy of this book and it isn't too expensive, pick it up. It is amazing! Another option is to borrow it from your local library.

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Kim Bombshell said...

I NEVER line my bottom lid. I think that makes a modern eye, not a vintage 50s. I do, however put some mascara on my lower lashes, and I also wear false eyelashes because it doesn't matter how much mascara I use, my lashes won't curve outward or be thick enough to see over my eyeliner.

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