Wednesday, November 11, 2009

What's On Sale- Gingham Dress

If I could fit into this dress it would be MINE, all mine! But alas I cannot so you my readers get a tip off on a sweet deal for a sweet dress. You see those flower designs? Yep, rhinestones are hand sewn on those babies. Sigh...

Details: Measurements: bust 40, waist 28, hips full, bodice 16, skirt 27, overall length 43, sleeves 5, shoulder 15.


It is on ebay with no bids right now and ends Nov. 16


jamie said...

i just don't understand - is anyone built with a bust of 40 and a waist of 28?? i guess with a corset???

Tart Deco said...

I have a feeling that the bust is probably closer to 38, which would make it a true hourglass measurement (bust and hips 10 inches more than waist).

A corset would do it too. I would have to starve myself for a month AND wear a corset to get that dress... sigh (again)...

jamie said...

I'd have to starve myself and then stuff my bra... cause the "girls" are always the first to go when losing weight!!! :-)

love your blog!

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