Friday, November 13, 2009

Tip Top Atomic

In the town of Bay View, WI, which is known for it's strong support of the rockabilly lifestyle, is a cute little shop called Tip Top Atomic Shop. Owned by Jim and Lisa Dutcher, this shop is THE place to go if you seek anything rockabilly, hipster or tiki.

I may be slightly biased because they also carry my hair flowers, but I was a customer long before that. I have purchased a variety of items, from dresses and sweaters to a sewing pattern box. Looking for bacon-flavored toothpicks or vintage lamps? They got em! As you can see from the pictures, they have great taste and I often visit them just to see what hip displays they have going on.

Quite honestly, I think of Tip Top as a personal boutique. They have set hours, but they are also available for appointments. Are you a hard to find size or looking for something specific? Just give them a call and they will pull from their collection (in-store and at-home) and have it waiting for you. These kids are the real deal.

Are you addicted to online shopping or can't get to the area? Not a problem, Tip Top has an ebay store. They also buy vintage items, concentrating on 40s-60s eras.

Do yourself a favor and check them out. You'll thank me.


Ashley said...

How I would love to wander into that place!

*I came across you blog tonight, and I took a look at your etsy shop, and wow, oh wow! What beautiful flower clips! I may just have to own one of those one day!*

Tart Deco said...

Thanks Ashley! I have special sales for my blog followers, as well as a big giveaway once I hit 75 followers, so make sure to check back often and tell all your friends!

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