Thursday, February 19, 2009

Wedding Maps

I was just informed last week through my wedding page to-do list at that I needed to get together a map of locations and directions for our guests. UGH! However, a quick online search provided me with a great resource- This free service allows you to create interactive online maps where you can mark the ceremony, reception, hotel, restaurants and more with icons and notes. Guests can get directions simply by entering their starting address into a prompt that automatically shows up at each location.

An extra bonus- there are DIY instructions on how to create various kinds of printed maps to include in your invitations. Once you have gone through the trouble of doing this, you can upload the finished map onto the site for guests to reprint, in case they lose their original or want an extra copy. They also have set up the option of contacting a professional map maker who will do it for you with your completed weddingmapper map.

Easy Peasy Morning Breezy!

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