Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Blog Spotlight- Flowerella

I have finally found a place to help me decide what kind of flowers I want to use for my wedding bouquet! Flowerella has tons and tons of information on wedding flowers, including DIY projects and (this is where I get excited) posts on flowers based on their color. Yeah! My colors are red and white so I will be poring over their posts on these flowers, as well as a tiny bit of blue for my "something blue."

The blog also pointed me to another website called Bliss that has a flower generator that allows you to search their flower database by your favorite color, by the season of your wedding, by your region of the country, or even by the color of your bridesmaid's dress.

Between these two sources, I am starting to narrow down my choices of flowers to use for my wedding bouquet. Here is one idea I have:




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