Thursday, June 27, 2013

Best Bra for a Vintage Rockabilly Shape$product_d$Okay, I am going to "go there" and talk about bras. As a plus-size, hourglass gal who loves vintage styles, I would get SO frustrated with the lack of support and proper shaping with the molded cup bras that are so popular nowadays. Seriously, they suck. 
So after spending a day at a Boston Store trying on ALL of the bras, I stumbled upon the Lillyette Enchantment 3-section cup bra. Once I put it on, in the right size, it was like the clouds parted and angels started singing in the heavens. [OK, maybe not angels, but I started humming a nice little ditty.] The sections in the cup gave me more lift and the slightest point, perfect for Rockabilly styles. Lillyette also has a great 2-section Enchantment minimizer bra that also gives a great shape, especially under a sweater. And it comes in a leopard print- rowr!
Here's the best part- both bras are on sale for $15 dollars right now!! One piece of advice before you order online, go to a department store that has a decent bra section and try on a few sizes of the Lillyette bras. I ended up in a different size than I used to purchase because of the new shape of the seamed cups. Also, the whole measurement formula to find your size doesn't work, especially when you get into plus sizes, so please take the time to try them on. You'll thank me!

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