Friday, April 24, 2009

Save the Date Hankies & Giveaway (giveaway closed)

Wow. When I came across these Save the Date handkerchiefs on Alisha Clark's blog (through the Pink Book Blog that I post on) I was floored. I was also extremely jealous- why didn't I think of that?!? The pictures speak for themselves at how cool an idea this is. How do you get your hands on some of these for yourself? The talented Erin at Lucky Luxe did them and she also does business card hankies.

I have been obsessed lately with vintage handkerchiefs and have been slowly amassing a large collection of them. The personal history behind them makes me feel like I am connecting to some amazing women who often handmade and/or trimmed them. I always have one stuffed inside my sweater cuff in the winter and neatly tucked under my belt when I wear vintage dresses.

In fact, I have so many vintage hankies now that I will be adding them to my Tart Deco shop very soon. Nothing says Vintage Glamour & Retro Style than a pink linen hankie with hand-crocheted edges.

The Giveaway:
To celebrate my soon-to-be new shop section of hankies and the amazing Save the Date idea above, I will be giving a pair of vintage hankies of my choice to one of my lucky readers! They won't be printed like the ones above, but I bet you could use them for it :)

To enter you must post 2 things in one comment:
1. Tell me a creative way to use a handkerchief. This could be a cool way to fold it, paired with something, sewn onto something, etc.
2. Visit my etsy shop, Tart Deco, and tell me what your favorite item is or other vintage or retro items/sections you would like to see me add.
--Make sure that your email is available through your blog profile or put it in the comment so I have a way to contact you.

For an extra entry become a follower of this blog (or let me know you already are) and leave an extra comment for your extra chance to win.

The giveaway ends May 1st at 10 pm central time and I will post the winner (chosen by using on May 2nd.

Good Luck!

NOTE: I do NOT do the printing on the hankies, I just have the hankies themselves. If you want the printing done contact Erin at Lucky Luxe.


KrisMrsBBradley said...

I think one of the easiest ways to use a vintage hankie would be to create throw pillows out of them.

My fave from your shop is easily the Paint the Town Pink Rockabilly Burlesque Vintage Hair Feather Fascinator.

And I follow your (awesome) blog.

demmi said...

you can make adorable little girl skirts from them. my favorite from your shop is the Gotta Dance Rockabilly Burlesque Vintage Hair Feather Fascinator con5459(at)gmail(dot)com

Fine Hand said...

just found your blog via "the apron goddesses" - love it! i like to see vintage hankies sewn on pillow covers. my fave item from your shop is the 60's vintage polyester floral shirt (love retro florals)..p.s. i am now a follower of your blog too!

the student said...

Ooh great subject! One of my favorite "moments" from last summer was a vintage hankie finding its way to me at a street fair...I wore it on my jeans all day in hopes the owner would pass by and be reunited, but it ended up getting adopted by day's end :) I love the idea of using them on clutches or wristlets, because it's a shame to sacrifice the intricate edging some have...enter: adorable front flap! And cute shop you've got there, missy, I adore your Peach Surprise Vintage Feather Rockabilly Hair Flower Fascinator, the colors are dee-lightful! :D

Heather Leigh said...

I love to use vintage hankies as coasters during Sunday brunch. I love your true blue fascinator. You have great stuff!

Adrienne Van said...

If you have a coffee table with a glass covering, you can place a lot under it to add to it, and change the style. In this case I totally would love to see a collection or single vintage hankie under that glass.

You shop is so creative! I LOVE the Lolita Rose Rockabilly! Classic and beautifully executed!

Julia said...

My favorite from your store is definitely the Royal Sun Rockabilly Burlesque Vintage Hair Flower and Feather Fascinator. And on the hankerchief, I think I would put one in the pocket of my apron! I have also seen some really beautiful aprons made from them too.

Cherry Blossoms said...

It would be super neat to use the hankies and sew them together to make a little dress for a infant!

My FAVORITE item from your shop is:
Blue Meanie Vintage Rockabilly Hair Flower and Fascinator

I LOVE LOVE LOVE Retro things! Your shop is AWESOME! Keep up the GREAT work!

CherryBlossomsDesign at hotmail dot com

Anonymous said...

Oh, the uses for a handkerchief!

-Embroider your name on it and use it as a nametag (especially nice if you work at a vintage-era diner)

-Convert it into a snood

-Make a baby quilt

-Decorate your 1940's style anklet socks and wear them with your best vintage heels

-Create a collar for a plain white blouse

-Make one of those adorable Tooth Fairy pillows with the pocket on the front for holding the tooth (and the money)

- Sachets filled with potpourri are always easy and beautiful

- If you have a lot of them, you could make a nice window valance

I love brainstorming. I think my fave item in your shop is the huge pink flower that's almost as big as Ellen's head. Yeah, I think that's my favorite!

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