Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Custom Veil Giveaway (closed)

I am getting ready to finish up my wedding veil next week. I am adding a cathedral length veil I found at a thrift store to a vintage 50s bandeau hat with bow. I am making the veil detachable and adding a short fluff of red tulle that matches my crinoline, as well as some vintage red rhinestone jewelry. I will be making a DIY tutorial on this that I will be posting once it is done.

Needless to say, I am feeling inspired. I love reading other blogs to find the ways that other non-traditional brides are finding their inspiration. So to celebrate finishing one more task, my birthday coming up, and my new Movie Musical accessory line, I am giving away a custom petit veil to one lucky non-traditional bride!

How To Enter: I'd like to learn more about you and your wedding. Leave a post by Wednesday, March 18th before midnight (central time) telling me about a non-traditional aspect of your wedding and what inspired you to do it. Pictures and links are always welcome :) I will pick the entry I think is the most unique or just stands out to me and post the winner on Thursday.

What You Win: A custom petit wedding veil (similar in size to the one in the picture) based on your choice of colors and/or wedding theme. The length of veil can be shoulder length or shorter. I will contact the winner to discuss options once they have confirmed.


Jessica said...

How cute! Well, probably the most non-traditional aspect we're planning is the ceremony itself. I was a club President all four years of college and my fiance was my Vice-President, so we've decided to use Robert's Rules of Order for the ceremony. We're picking four of our friends to act as the executive board, and it'll allow for lots of yelling and random commentary. Most of our friends are shy, so it lets them contribute without being pressured, and the ones that want to speak up have a place to do it.

That and I intend to bring devil ducks for everyone to play with at the ceremony, for they are awesome. Most will end up on heads.

Aimee said...

We're renting a in a 4H campground for the weekend of our wedding

Julia said...

That flower you have in your hair is beautiful! I got married in an "elopement" so we had no wedding gown or family. Very simple and on the beach at Monterrey CA. So I dont think I have any extra tips for you!!! sorry so boring. :(

Beeb said...

What a great giveaway, thank you so much for the chance!

I got engaged at the beginning of January, so I'm still very much in the "getting inspiration" phase. My wedding is going to be beautiful yet fun, weaving vintage and modern elements together. I have a pretty distinctive personal style that I know my wedding will reflect. (An example: I'm not sure yet weather I will dye my hair platinum blonde or bright pink for the wedding.) I love the rockabilly theme of your etsy store. I have seen photos of rockabilly weddings that were AMAZING.

One of the motifs for the wedding could be summed up as: "Elegantly Frugal: A Coupon-Funded Wedding". I'm the savings queen and I plan on throwing a gorgeous wedding on a small budget. As one of my bridesmaids put it: "Knowing you, the wedding will probably cost somewhere around $2.87 and $5.43 and be totally awesome."

And that's all I've got at this point! Thank you again! :)

supercoupongirl AT

Court said...

Hi Hi! Love your style and look forward to perusing your etsy shop. Despite being on a major budget, we having a weekend long party - more like a family reunion than a proper wedding. Its at a camp on a lake in the woods of NH. We're having a talent show, kickball game and all nieces and nephews (11!) in the ceremony. I got my dress at a vintage shop in Belgium and would love to have a hairpiece that speaks to the occasion and the style of the dress. I think to get a sense of our style and how it's different, the best way would be to send you to our Save the Date we made -

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