Thursday, February 3, 2011

Viva Las Vegas Series #11- Vintage Cardigans under $15

VLV 14 may be in Vegas but it's still April and it gets cold at night in the desert. Be prepared with some cute vintage cardigans! I found some that are under $15 on etsy and created a treasury. Some of the sweaters are on a limited time sale, so if you see anything you like you might want to snatch it up!

Vintage Cardigans under $15 treasury

You may have noticed that I am putting up a lot of vlv posts on things to buy. I am doing this for a few reasons: 1.  now is the time to order things to get them on time for the event; 2. the delightful Miss Dollie DeVille of The Rockabilly Socialite is doing a great job of covering more logistical things of the weekender, which I totally bow to because she has been there and I haven't; and 3. I haven't had a chance to scan in some of my vintage books with hair, make-up and clothing suggestions yet. Look forward to some more of those posts along with posts on individual bands and their music.

Also don't forget that if I can get to 350 followers by the end of March I will be having a huge Viva giveaway, so let your blogging friends know because I am at 271 right now.


Laurie said...

Very cute blog! Thank you for visiting mine and entering my OWOH giveaway! I hope you enjoy the rest of the event!

Miss Dollie DeVille said...

Thanks for the shout out! I look forward to your VLV posts, and I am glad you feel the same. I have a whole list of topics to cover between now and then, so stay tuned!


Miss CherryBubbles said...

Love the cardigan treasury! You made fabulous choices! :)

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