Sunday, February 20, 2011

Stylish Blogger

I just got a Stylish Blogger award from the super-stylish-herself Miss Cherry Bubbles of the blog Past Life. Thanks kitten!Part of the award is to share seven facts about myself which is the best part about getting the award, I think.

I wasn't too hip on the buttons everyone is using for the award so I made one of my own. It is an homage to everything I loved about the 80's. Does that count as one of my 7 things?

Anyhoo- on to my life-shattering facts:

1. I started performing professionally at age 12 and sang for 2 Presidents before the age of 16.

2. I have an accordion named Delores Lorraine after my maternal grandmother who first taught me big band songs to sing. I don't know how to play it, yet, because I need a new shoulder strap ;)

3. I am afraid of basements. My husband has to do our laundry right now because the basement of our 1884 building is WAY creepy.

4. When I was 36 I started smoking out of the blue for a year and a half and quit cold turkey with no problems. I can't stop drinking Mt. Dew though...

5. I am totally obsessed with ruffles, especially can-can skirts.

6. To me nothing sounds better than listening to music on vinyl.

7. Like Miss Cherry Bubbles I am on the verge of having my Masters degree in Library Science, as well as a 2nd Masters in Music History, to be a Music Librarian. However, my real dream is to own a shop with my husband that carries items for reenactors and people who are interested in vintage or historical lifestyles.

Now that we are acquainted, I can move on to the next part of the award. I am supposed to chose 7 other bloggers to give the award to but there is no way I can chose that few out of all of the amazing blogs I read every day. So I was hoping that my awesome readers would leave some comments telling me interesting facts about themselves OR give themselves the award and leave a link to their blog post with their 7 interesting facts.


Crystal Jeffers said...

very interesting facts about you! Thanks for sharing. I dream of owning a B&B and creating different era's in each bedroom. Its important to have dreams that we hold onto.

SusieQT said...

Great stuff- I was a music librarian for a few years. I enjoyed it, but you need a thick skin 'cause you have to deal with some real divas (and divos, and maestros)!

Miss CherryBubbles said...

Love the button you created ;) Isn't this a fun way to get to know fellow bloggers? Thank you for sharing!

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