Monday, June 7, 2010

Radio Dismuke- 20s & 30s Streaming Music

I haven't posted about vintage music for a while, so here's a quick blurb about an online streaming radio station I discovered a while back called Radio Dismuke. They stream 20s & 30s popular music and I have discovered quite a bit of tunes to use for my hot jazz vocal trio Bootless Betties, that's for sure!

The man who runs it is incredibly knowledgeable about the music and has a discussion forum for 20s & 30s music lovers to communicate and post questions about the music (which he often answers himself). There is also a blog, although it is not updated very often. However, it has a listing of other resources for music of the same era so it is worth a look-see.

I listen to the station through Live365 (I find it is more work friendly). So to save you a step, you can click on the link below to take you directly to the Live365 station. FYI- click on the yellow play button to start the station and there is always a short commercial at the beginning. ENJOY!

For Radio Dismuke, 20s & 30s popular music, click here


Miss CherryBubbles said...

Oh swell! Thank you for sharing - 20s & 30s music are my particular favorites :)

Darrin.. said...

That's awesome! I love listening to the 40's station on Sirius XM radio, but there's not a larksa20's and 30's station. Will have to check this out. Thanks for the heads up!

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