Thursday, June 10, 2010

My Latest Swap Adventures

I just finished a fun apron swap hosted by the awesome Hot Mama Apron Swap blog. The theme was pin-ups so you know I had to do it! I have a ton of apron patterns, so I like to do these swaps so I am forced to get going on a pattern since it always helps to have a specific goal. This one was was a little bittersweet though because my beloved Singer 6268 sewing machine died on me and may not be fixable (I'll hear more by the end of the week). So I had to finish the apron with a borrowed machine as my back-ups are also waiting for service since I am a poor grad student.

But I digress...

To the above right you can see the pattern I used and to the left the end product. I originally wanted to add a pocket at the bottom of the apron where the ball trim is, but due to the way the pattern is put together (the pattern is slashed at the bottom and an extra ruffle piece is laid in, then restitched to the rest of the apron) the pocket kept making the apron lay weird. I think I know how to fix it when I make this again or I may just add on a top-stitched pocket. The instructions also call to add the bib piece by top-stitching to the waistband, instead of sandwiching it, which I will definitely modify next time around because it is just weird to me. I also think I will line the bib pieces, which the pattern also didn't call for. Since this is a 40s pattern I get the minimal use of fabric, but lining the bib will give a cleaner look and strengthen it.

Anyhoo, I am pretty pleased about this first try. I overshot on the ruffle length so there is a ton of yardage in them there ruffles, which actually works on this apron. I also adore ball fringe and the matching fabric bows. If anyone has a tried and true way to tie bows- I'm all ears. Mine turn out alright, but I know there is a better way.

Oh yeah, here is the apron I got from the Hot Mama Swap. I totally LOVE it! Pin up cowgirls on yellow and red trim, all tied together with denim. What isn't there to love?!? I have the perfect pair of red cowboy boots to wear with this when I cook.. and nothing else... needless to say, my husband loves this apron :)

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Yarni Gras! said...

both aprons ROCK! I'm glad you had fun. If you've got time, I'm hosting Alice in Wonderland next....

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