Friday, October 9, 2009

Blog News, Giveaway & a Special Treat!

Hey there readers! There are some exciting new things that will be happening over the next week or so! If you haven't noticed yet I have started to do some small modifications to the Tart Deco blog. Some of this is based on your input from the survey and some is just out of necessity to streamline the look of the blog and make it easier for my hip readers to find things.

So far most of the changes have been in my sidebar area. I have combined and/or reworded some of the blog labels to keep like things grouped together (especially wedding posts) and cut down on the space they took up. I moved a few sections around to make it easier for people to follow or subscribe and I plan on updating my amazon music and book boxes more regularly.

If you haven't added my blog yet you may want to do it soon because I will be hosting a BIG giveaway when I hit 75 followers (hint- think vintage domestic goddess package). Tell all your friends! As a special added bonus I will be giving away an extra prize to one of my loyal readers (picked by random) who signed up before I hit 50 followers. I am at 43 right now, so hurry up and add me!

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Kimba said...

Fabulous! I love the things I purchased at Stronghold, and I've now added you to my own blog roll call!

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