Wednesday, March 18, 2009

The Rings- Jeweler Review

My fiancee and I were lucky enough to find vintage wedding rings for very little. I found mine on ebay for $100 and his was a gift from his father that had been given to him from a family member. We needed the rings to be restored to their original beauty and appraised and mine needed to be resized and have some engraving removed. We got the rings back from our jewelers yesterday (see below) and we couldn't be happier!

Who is our jeweler you may ask?

We met David Liska and his charming wife from David Liska Custom Jeweler at a wedding show at the Pfister Hotel and knew immediately that he was the jeweler for us! He was extremely interested in our wedding plans, was able to give us a rough estimate on costs right there and had a good handle on vintage rings and settings. We set an appointment right at the show to meet with him a few days later.

At the appointment, David was very thorough and really took the time to find out our needs, while keeping in mind that we had a budget. He was able to pinpoint some issues with my ring settings and let me know my options and how much each would cost. He also talked to us about further down the road when we want to upgrade or design new rings, as we would eventually like to have my mother's first wedding ring reset.

Not only is David an adept jeweler that has won several awards, he also a great person. He frequently does charity work within the community and keeps in touch with other businesses in the wedding community. He was even able suggest a florist to us that would have a handle on vintage arrangements and then mention us to her when he saw her. A real swell guy!

Fear not readers outside of the Milwaukee area, David Liska Custom Jeweler also takes clients online on a regular basis. You can view a tour of his office and working space and read more about him and his associates on his website, as well as email him to discuss your ideas.

Make sure to let him know you read about him on my blog!

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