Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Bridesmaids Gift Ideas

I had to rack my brain for a while to come up with gift ideas for my bridesmaids that I thought they would each enjoy, hopefully use, and not kill me financially. Since my wedding hasn't happened yet, I will have to blog about what I got them later, however I have been keeping my eye out for little trinkets that I could add on and I thought I would post them for you.

I recently discovered an online shop called Plasticland. In the clearance section, I discovered this cute pinup bag for $23.10. The bag is roughly the size of a piece of paper, so its a good size to fill with goodies and not break the bank.

Also from Plasticland, a retro vinyl CD label kit. At $15.95, its around the same price as a regular CD label kit but WAY cooler. I would be excited to get this as a gift from anyone!

One last item from Plasticland, a pin-up magnet set at $14. I did find this for slightly less at another shop, however if I were getting other items from this store it is actually cheaper to get it here because of the savings on shipping. In fact, orders over $100 have free shipping.

One surprise for my bridesmaids I don't mind giving away is an awesome etsy shop called Sugarcandiebeauty. I found them while looking for a new supplier of bath scrubs for myself and completely fell in love with their ever creative line of scents like Vanilla Cake Batter Bites and Pink Bikini in Maui (my personal favorite). They smell so good it takes everything in my power not to eat them- and I'm not kidding because they REALLY look like the picture. I worked directly with the shop owners to customize a special order for my wedding party for 3 oz "samplers" of different scents. They were extremely helpful, answered every question promptly, offered suggestions and shipped the whole order within a week. Special bonus: they always send extra samples with every order and they usually have some kind of special running, so visit often!

One last item for this post, although I am sure I will have more soon, is a listing on Prettypionidesigns for these delicate and elegant hairpins. Rockabilly girls are known for their love of hats and these pins would look lovely while securing a snazzy little number to a girl's noggin. At $10 for 4 pins they are a great deal too. She also has other designs to choose from.

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thanks for featuring my hairpins :o) Love your blog!

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