Tuesday, January 20, 2009

The Whys and the Whats

When I got engaged a mere four months ago, I knew that I wanted to have an historical theme. My fiancee and I are both history nuts (I performed at a renaissance faire for 10 years and he is an avid reenactor). In fact, we met at a WWII reenactment dance and he proposed at the same event the next year. History, reenacting and vintage lifestyles are in our blood and we quickly agreed to have a rockabilly/1950s themed wedding. This was mostly based on my inner desire to get married in a bowling alley, but chances are we would have gone that route anyway :)

What in tarnation is rockabilly? I will get into this more in my next post, but think early Elvis and Johnny Cash, Jerry Lee Lewis, Wanda Jackson and Stray Cats. Its not just poodle skirts and leather jackets or pompadours and tattoos. There are a million things one can do at a rockabilly wedding and not a lot of help available.

Did I also mention I am a full-time grad student and we are broker than broke? No planner for us, this was strictly DIY, from the ceremony to the honeymoon. I have six months left and have managed to keep my costs realistic and pretty darn low. If things go as planned, the whole wedding will cost less than $3,000.

Would you like to learn how I did it? I thought someone might, so I have created this blog to help anyone else who needs to plan a small budget wedding, particularly one with a rockabilly theme. Keep in mind that our wedding is far from traditional, but it sure will be fun!

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Anastasia said...

My hubby and I are already married, but off and on we talk about re-doing it. In style of course and we always want a rockabilly theme. How convenient, that I stumbled onto your blog.

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