Saturday, January 24, 2009

Money Saving Tip- Save the Dates Cards

My fiancee and I decided to design and print our own save the date cards and invitations. However, I had recently taken advantage of to print up business cards and got an email with some other deals they were running, which included 100 free postcards- we pay for shipping. With shipping as low as $7ish, there was NO way we could print cheaper than that, plus we could basically design our own cards through them anyway by either starting with one of their designs and editing it or creating our own from scratch. This particular time they were also allowing free uploads (they usually charge a small fee for them).

To give you an idea of what they could look like, I went in and made up a sample design with a rockabilly feel-

They have tons of designs to choose from if you wanted to go a bit more traditional. Also, you can print anything you want on the back side to save money on return address stamps or a whole lotta writer's cramp. Non-color printing on the back and a glossy finish on the front are included for free, if you want.

We just got our cards in the mail and I can't be happier. We also got 140 return labels through an extra deal they offered in the checkout that we can use for our invitations. The entire order of save the date cards, return labels and shipping was $12.

-Create an account before you buy anything to get emails from them. They send super-duper deals this way that you can't find by just going to their website.
-Even though their slowest shipping says it can take 21 days to get to you, it has never taken that long for me. Unless you absolutely have to get it sooner, choose that option to save on shipping.

We are still planning on doing our own invitations because we managed to find a DIY blank kit of 100 invites for $10 at Wal-mart right after the holidays. Even with a $38 printing cartridge, it will still be more cost effective than going through someone else.

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