Thursday, May 16, 2013

Gatsby Overkill?

A piece from Tart Deco  "Blue Magoo"
We knew it would happen. I am referring to the slew of Great Gatsby on the internet. In some ways I am glad because it could mean a boost in sales for my 20s hair accessories, as well as many of my colleagues who make some amazing stuff.

[start rant] However, there is a part of me that gets steamed because everyone and their mother is tagging items "Great Gatsby" or "1920s", or my favorite "Gatsby Inspired," when the item is not even close! Don't get me wrong, I am a big fan of interpreting historical trends and I do it myself, especially in designing steampunk items. BUT- Vintage does not necessarily mean something can cover multiple time periods, especially when we are talking fashion. For example, there is a big difference between a 1940s silhouette and a 1920s silhouette. 'Nuff said. Even J. Peterman, who I normally adore, sent out an notice today about their newest online catalog called Gatsby Inspired. Sorry kids, I was unimpressed, especially because their amazing beaded "flapper" dress was not included. Perhaps I am overreacting? [end rant]

To end this on a positive note, I created a treasury of items by some of my etsy pals who have been selling and making 1920s/30s and Art Deco items for a while now.

I Had It All Along- 20s treasury

Also, when you get a chance, make sure and check out the latest Hey Doll! Magazine issue, which has a Great Gatsby theme. There a some really nice articles, plus a quick and easy 20s Day Dress tutorial (with pattern!). Let's support our blog pals Brittany Va-Voom and Bunny Moreno!


Brittany_Va-VoomVintage said...

Oh man, and it started before the movie was even released. When I was researching for our Gatsby issue of Hey Doll, I was looking for 20s inspired items to feature and so much of it was just crap. Just people trying to make a buck off what's popular. They do it with mad men too. Drives me crazy! One really awesome etsy seller that I did find was Accessoreads. They made these beautiful copper cuff bracelets with quotes from books on them and they had some beautiful Gatsby quotes. I especially liked the one that said "Lie to me by the Moonlight" Lovely!

Steph Lewin-Lane said...

Brittany Va-Voom- yes! The copper bracelets are a great example of incorporating a theme without it feeling forced or money-driven. In fact, they are almost educational because it gets you thinking about the text and meaning of the piece. Great example!

Also, thanks for reminding me of the Hey Doll mag. I am going to add it to the post above. You and Bunny are doing a great job of creating a visual, yet tasteful, online magazine for vintage lovers. Once my life calms down, I will be contacting you to do an article for sure :)

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