Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Janis Martin's Rockabilly History Lesson

IN the course of looking for material for my Masters thesis on Janis Martin and Lavern Baker, I found this wonderful video of Janis Martin explaining how integral Ruth Brown is in the history of Rockabilly music. Apparently the video was recorded to be used in a documentary "Rebel Beat: The Story of LA Rockabilly" but the director couldn't get rights to the music. In the clip, Janis first sings a Ruth Brown song called "Long As I'm Movin'" and then demonstrates the similarities of how the main lick from that song translates into the standard Rockabilly lick used in "Good Rockin' Tonight," which she also performs. This is such a wonderful clip to me and really shows how invested Janis was in spreading Rockabilly music and its origins.

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