Thursday, October 27, 2011

Glamorous House Cleaning

pic from Miss Retro Modern
I am one of those people that actually like cleaning a bathroom. Maybe its because you can see a difference right away. Other types of housecleaning, not so much. One thing that takes the sting out of chores for me is to make it an event. A while ago I read a great post Secrets to Being Glamorous for Every Occasion – Cleaning on the Super Kawaii Mama blog and I have been meaning to do a post on fabulous items to make your cleaning more of a fun to do than a boo-hoo!

There has been a boom in retro house cleaning items in the last few years making it pretty easy to fab up your daily routine (or if you are like me- weekly routine!). Here are some of my favs:

Cath Kidston- Various cute items from Bathroom to Kitchen
Vermont Country Store- Vintage cleaning products
Boojiboo- Cute Retro Aprons
Carolyn's Kitchen- Retro Aprons and matching gloves

How to tie a headscarf- Vixen Vintage
20 vintage cleaning tips- Tip-nut
DIY ruffled kitchen gloves- Jones Design Co
Vintage Homemaking blog

Cornell University Hearth Project- online texts for home ec and housekeeping books from 1800sand on
        - My fav is The Household Dictionary by Winnifred Fales (1920) Literally a dictionary of what to do when things go wrong in your house, from stains to candle wax accidents

Does anyone else have some glam tips on how to take the sting out housework?

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Darrin.. said...

I never gave it much thought.. but I guess I don't much mind cleaning the commode either! Like you said, you can see the results instantly. Plus.. all those fancy bathroom cleaners make it feel and smell cleaner instantly. Finally, it doesn't take all that long to do!!

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