Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Early Colour Photographs

I am most definitely subscribed to too many email newsletters. However, one that consistently sends me interesting links and information is The History Channel email newsletter. One of the best emails ever was one I just got about an article on a collection of colour pictures from the early 1900s by Albert Kahn. He traveled the world taking photos using autochrome plates, one of the first color processing of film.


superheidi said...

Oh yes, those photographs are amazing. The BBC did a series on Albert Kahn and there's a book:

The Glitzkrieg said...

You'll probably really dig these photos of 1911 Russia in colour.
They were not done with a colour film, but with a process that combined 3 colour plates that turn into a colour image when combined.
The LoC has hi-rez of the individual plates so you can combine them yourself, or they've done the work on a few for you!


It's a very wonderful look at a society that was wiped out under the Communist regime. It's so lovely to see Russia as a bright, colourful, and diverse place instead of the drab, 20 years in the past fashion, concrete block buildings we seem to associate with the country.

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