Sunday, July 11, 2010

Vintage Grab Bag Giveaway Winner!

This is Luna. She was my helper for today to pick the winner of my vintage grab bag giveaway. I figure it was only fair since my other cat Nigel got to pick for the last giveaway ;)

So here is a pictorial review of the whole process:

First I went through and tallied the entries and printed them out on paper. I cut them all to the same size and put them into this lovely mini hat box to mix them up.

I then dumped them onto our 1930s table (which desperately needs to be refinished) and let her sniff around the entries until she clearly picked one to play with... uh, I mean... chose the winner through careful selection.

After she chose the winner, I opened it up and let her make sure it was the one she wanted. She definitely wanted to chew this entry up, so I took it as a sign. Yes, this is all very scientific.

As you can see, she picked Vintage Grrl as the winner! Congrats Vintage Grrl! I have sent you an email and you have 48 hours to respond and claim your vintage goodies.

Thanks everyone for playing! I will have another big giveaway in the fall. In the meantime, I so enjoyed the pictures that people sent to me that I am hoping to feature some of them in a blog spotlight series of vintage lovers, so keep your eye out for it!


Vintage Grrl said...

Oh my Goodness!!!

I'm so excited!!

Thank you so much!


Eartha Kitsch said...

What a great give-away and I LOVE your helper there!

Congratulations, Vintage Grrl! :)

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